11 Things Tagged Game

hey peeps :D
  oh my god ,i haven't signed in my blog for months! haha a great achievement btw.so lately i've been asked by so many people *okay just 3* to look at my blog and see what's new..i feel like oh my god,i don't wanna think about it anymore -_-' but after being forced and forced,i felt amazed!oh haha my theme was completely changed! and oh !my everything inside it!haha thanks to AIMULLAH SAUFI,AYUNI JENOL ,NAJAH ADILAH and everyone who involved indirectly in changing my not-so-called blog.
 okay enough said.every month i've been tagged to this game.but like i said before,i just haissyh felt there's nothing to be shared on my blog so that's why i haven't updated my blog for so long.but this game is quite interesting for me ..i mean yeah like you know ,people wanna know you and you tell them the answers about everything they asked .so yeah let's start !

so the first tag comes from my closest friend,AIMULLAH SAUFI.Here we go :)

1)binatang yg korg paling suka.kenape ?
aha i like cat.because yeah they're cute,.*just like me,so what?*

2)bende yg kerap korg lakukan dalam sehari ?
eat a lots.i must tell ya this month i've gained 4kg!and i got a bloated belly now.before this,six pack .*yeah wateva*

3)pernah tak buat kawan marah ? sebb
i'm quiet person so i'm awkwardly very keen to others :P

4)bende paling merimaskan korg ?
wearing school uniform.seriously i wish a school like TUMBLAH

5)apa yg boleh buatkan korg sakit hati ?
when your best friend planned something without you and ah!when some people bother me asking about anything..i mean I DON'T KNOW ASK HERMIONE!I'M STUPID ONE
6)kalau ada duit banayk nk beli apa ?
Food,phone,better bed and pillow,anything will do!

7)dekat skolah bende yg paling korg benci kecuali perhimpunan ?
curricular freaking day -_-' it's hot day and i don't even attend once this year

8)apa yg menyebabkan korg suka ke sekolah ?
besides wishing to get As in all subjects,yeah gossiping is my pleasure :B
9)pernah masuk penjara ?
i used to....i was accused for having drugs under my bed and got jailed for 34 years
10)sebab apa masuk penjara?
just scroll it up ..i don't wanna tell it again 

11)aku tak tahu dah :B