i don't know i just too miss her,my best friend :( (part 5)

during drama competition :) i was not there no need to search me lol!

so now it's time for us to choose what stream that suits our ambitions :) i wanna be a forensic investigator and she wanna be a great doctor so i guess we should choose science stream..days after days,months after months we've been through in science class..........omg~!science class is damn hard!haha my performance just goes downhill :( but we believe we can make different and not let the failure effects us :) oh on, 14th June i sent a message for Alina for her birthday :)

''hey urmm rsenyer dah byk kli ak ckp kt kaw yg kaw mmg kwan baik ak dnie akhirat :D sumph weyh tkdek kwan cm kaw yg pnh ak ad..hepi betday lyna..ak tkdek adiah nk bg tp nihlaa adiah ak -prshbtn spai bile2...yeah ak doakan kaw bhgie spai mati lyna..jgn lupekan ak kt sni..ak sntiase ad utk kaw...igt tk first time kite jmpe dulu..ckgu hanisha tnyer ak is alina your bestfriend??ak ckp tk,...haha bongok kn..tp skang ak dgn bggenyer ngaku kaw kwan baik ak spai bile2..igt tk kite pnh gado tyme f1 sbb ak nk sruh bdak kaa diam tp kaw ckp jgn arh jrit2..ak spai hntk mje..haha bongok kn?tp skrg ak arap kite jgn gado lagi..:( sdeyhlaa..igt tk tyme f2 dulu kaw nk g beijing knon2nyer..haha bongok kn?sumer nangis tp skg ko plk nangis tyme ak pndh :( lyna kaw yg trbaik lyna..tkdek sape dpt gntikn kaw..ak bet tkdek satu pkwe kaw ponn like aliff aidiel..sumph lyna aku syg kaw spai mati..igt tk quote nih ???:AFTER ME THERE'S NOTHING..kite jer pham..anoi igt kite cnte..tp sbnanyer yeah sgt cnte..cnte sorg shbt yg tk pnh pdam utk shbtnyer ..:D oklaa lyna..kim slm kt mak kaw yerr..ckp bruntung dpt lhirkn lyna..terime kasih lyna krn sdarkn ak btp hbatnyer erti prshbatan tuh..thanks sbb bg pluang ak knl kaw..thanks sbb jadik kwan ak spai bile2..iluvu so freaking bad!kthanksbye :) assalammualaikum 

p/s:at this moment i'm crying :(''

and this what she replied,
                   ''Hey dear, such a luvly speech. Sobbss. Yeap alep, our friendship kekal smpai mati. Ko yg terima aku seadanye. Kaw yg knal aku aku better than i know myself! Tenkz sbb dgr aku mrengek n ckp tntg bnde2 nonsense yg dlu nye aku rase pnting sgt. But the older i am, the more i know the world. AFTER ME THERE IS NOTHING! AFTER YOU THERE IS NO ONE! Aku baru je fail my +math.sdeh.sgt2 sdeh. But it made me realize of smething. Anoi is not the one who owez there for me. Bukan aku tak try, i even p blaja kat rumah dye. But..... :( takpelaa lep, another 1 year n half only, then kite smue akan split. Iloveyou. Remember that. Ko sntiase jadik MY VERY 1ST BESFIE! oke.. Take care.''

hee about two years i was not there during her bitrhday :( but i know she's fine :D i think that's enough for me to talk about her :) so now you know she is truly my best friend.........................

                            -AFTER ME THERE'S NOTHING-