oh beautiful!*wink-wink

Wanna have it so bad!

Before i continue the story about me and Alina,i think i wanna share with you guys how i wish i would have this drop-dead gorgeous phone!
             first time i heard about it was when i was in the library..at the moment the choral speaking competition was still going on at my school hall..feeling bored,i asked my friends to go to library..maybe to have a little chatting there :) haha ..so we're going upstairs.we chose to sit at the 'TEMPAT MEMBACA SURAT KHABAR' instead of going to racks and chose the books to read..
                         i picked the Harian Metro..the front page,still a story about murder..boring..proceed to next page..ADS ABOUT SE XPERIA PLAY! omg!at first i was like..''is that a phone?'' coz it's fucking look like a psp..but then i realized it was a phone,new-released phone from SE..woaaaaaaaaaaaaah! nice phone peeps!omg..the features include andriod,5.0 mp camera,wifi and 3G provided there..it was just..................P-E-R-F-E-C-T!the price is RM1500++ which is still cheap for an intelligent phone like that!!!!o gosh..i seriously now forget about iPhone 4 and Nokia N8 ..i may not be a fanatic gamers but i think that's not the only attraction because there's a lot of features ( or i would say 'lots of fucking good features' there ) provided and really user-friendly :) i hope i can have it coz i still don't get my 8As present yet :) yahoooooooooooooo!mom i freaking want this!

                    <3   -SONY ERICSSON XPERIA PLAY- <3