i don't know i just too miss her,my best friend :( (part 1)

during hari raya at her house on 2008 :)

after an additional class on a saturday 2009 :)

Alina Shuhaili :) nice name right ????i remember the first time we met .on June 16th 2006,she first came in to my school after her family moved to Slim River.the moment she came i felt a strong attraction between us :)..she sit right behind me..after that we became closer :) me,her and farhan..i thought we were so closely close!we share laughter ,misery and happiness together :) but things got worst :( when my english teacher ,Pn Hanisha asked me whether Alina was my good friend but i said no!OMG!she heard it :( for god's sake i didn't mean to say that!but then she didn't talk to me for weeks!i was so sad..but then i confronted her and saaid you're really my fucking best friend and not long after that we were back like before :) but than the worst part took place.actually Farhan had a crush on her!fuck!i said to her do not ever try to accept him coz he's your friend but Alina,the one who would melt if any sweet quote 'hit' her back,just didn't listen to my advice :( i was very sad :( but the funny thing was,Farhan got to sweat alots coz Alina is the type of girl that you know ''sayang tapi jual  mahal''..haha until at the end of 2007 he got her! :WILL BE CONTINUED: