i don't know i just too miss her,my best friend :( (part 2)

after a handball match at tapah (which was bad coz her team lost lol!)

So i guessed they were doing fine being a great couple that they didn't even wanna separate for even seconds!how cool was that :D one day ,me and Farhan went for a vacation to Langkawi along with some of our friends on 11st November 2007 ..i told ya during our time there Farhan always mention how bad he missed Alina !oh gosh it's annoying much!so i asked him to use my phone to call her,like people said,''lepas rindu kate ko..........'' i thought i was very large-hearted man as i got RM20 credits ..But he,for God's sake i tell ya,was very ungrateful person!he used all my credits just like that!holy fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!his reason-''idk i was just too happy'' really stupid..the rest of our vacation time there i didn't speak a single word to him..back to Slim River,Alina met me and ask for apology on Farhan's behalf.she even paid back the credits Farhan used..total-RM20 and she asked me to promise not to tell him about this.well i made my promise..not long after that in 2008,Farhan got an offer to study at Sekolah Menengah Sains Teluk Intan,a well-known boarding school here in Perak after getting straight 5As in UPSR.no!not that Aina is stupid but like me,she didn't get any offer to study at any boarding school.poor her!she cried for days.:(  so a day before Farhan leaved for boarding school,he met us right in front our school gate.Alina reminded him to study well there and do not seek for other girls :) how sweet was that :DDD and Farhan said ''took an oath imma stick it out till the end'' so the sweet dating finally comes to another lever-being far apart and had a long-distance relationship..i know she missed him,i know that..but oh did i mention about ''the worst part took place''?? oh yeah..there,Farhan was said to have a scandal with my member there..someone called Najihah,perhaps (i don't really remember..) shortened the story,the big-suprised story finally came to Alina :( she was,of course,pissed off of what he had done but seriously that's just a defamation made by someone..................TO BE CONTINUED