i don't know i just too miss her,my best friend :( (part 3)

 during fasting month in 2008 

so they broke up..Alina had been crying for days but she never wanted to listen about what exactly had happened..Farhan called her but she's not answering..a bit hard to take a time to call especially when you're in a boarding school and not allowed to bring your own mobile phone..it was a terrible  terrible time for both of them..not only they lost their love but also their friendship..that's why at first i didn't quite agree with this dating..but you know,everything's a faith..Alina was a very kind woman,matured,easy to voice out her opinion but she's easily influenced :( if they said this she'll follow this.if they said that she'll follow that..she didn't know how to set her own stand..but i love her seriously..i don't her to change..after breaking up with Alina,she became more social and playgirl..in 2009,everything was like ruining her..with the problems with friends to the problems with boyfriend..until the dark time happened to her,she realized her mistakes and asked for forgiveness but you know...we all like being hard to forgive and forget what she had done :( but at last we were friends again..i remembered the time that i got to move to Tapah,she and I had a personal time together and cried for me..TO BE CONTINUED