i don't know i just too miss her,my best friend :( (part 4)

during a photoshoot with 6 Alpha batch '07

Since that i've never seen her for even awhile..:( and we lost contact..but just so you know that i really miss her so bad..it's hard to forget her especially when we had been through all the bittersweet that we   passed together..now it's time for me to get to new school..
                             Buyong Adil,seriously for the first time i hate it..but i believe it can provide me with a good education..but i can't feel the same :( the feeling when i lost my best friend still strongly control myself..there,i needa learn how to be without your friend,how to be awkward and feeling alone :( no one at first greeted me or at least 'welcome' me there :( except Odin,the one i met during Arabic Camp..
                               2 weeks later,i got the letter from DZ telling that i was chosen to receive presents for my success getting 6As in Form 1's End-of-year test..finally!i got a chance to meet my old closest friend,Alina!i was so at cloud nine that i can't even sleep at night.at Dewan Haji Ghazali,we talked to each other about how was our life being without each other :) at around 2 p.m,i got to go..another tears fell down,if i am a girl,i would definitely hug her..we waved and yes,being an alone person again :(...
                             but i believe if i 'forget' her just a little time,i know i can excel...so as a result,i got 8As in PMR...i was so happy and the first person i called to tell about my result was Alina..

''hey i got 8As!''
''oh good......''
''hey what's up??''
''(crying) i just got 4As''
''no no no Alina,that's not bad ''
''my mom's gonna kill me''
''tell her that's what the  best you done''

i persuaded her..even though we may fail once it clearly doesn't mean we might fail again..i said to her that FAILURE IS THE MOTHER OF SUCCESS..go pursuing your ambitions.so i thought my advicce would a little make her roomy..i hope so :) TO BE CONTINUED